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About Me

I am a New York State and New Jersey State licensed clinical psychologist. I received my doctorate in clinical psychology from Long Island University-Post's APA-accredited Psy.D. program. My training included providing therapy and psychological testing for children, adolescents, adults and families. I am proficient in the theory, research and application of both psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) modalities. 


My clinical training gave me the opportunity to work with diverse populations in various treatment settings. I completed an APA-accredited internship from Mt.Sinai Services-Elmhurst Hospital Center where I worked in the primary care department, immunodeficiency clinic, inpatient unit, outpatient clinic, psychiatric emergency room, and Libertas Center for Human Rights. During the first wave of the pandemic in Spring 2020, I provided support to medical staff and families affected by COVID-19.

I received post-doctoral training from New York University Counseling and Wellness Services where I provided individual and group therapy for the undergraduate and graduate student body, with a specialty in eating disorder and body image concerns. I also provided crisis intervention and assessment for the Wellness Exchange, the university's 24/7 crisis service. 

I obtained additional training experiences at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York Foundling, and Long Island Neuropsychological Consultants. 




My degree is a Psy.D. which stands for Doctor of Psychology (also known as the practitioner-scholar model/ Vail model). This degree was established in the 1970's to train prospective psychologists to have clinical careers that apply scientific knowledge and evidence-based research in practice. As a Psy.D., I am passionate about research and academia. I value staying up to date and active within the community. 

I am currently an adjunct assistant professor at Hunter College. I have also taught psychology courses as an adjunct professor at Queens College and Molloy College. I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation titled: Intergeneration Transmission of Meaning-Making for Children of Holocaust Survivors.


My work and the presentations I have given to the general public target improvement of day to day functioning through the application of scientific information. I have worked in research labs at the University of Miami and Long Island University-Post with focuses on meaning-making, intergenerational trauma, family mental health and romantic relationships.

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