My degree is a Psy.D. which stands for Doctor of Psychology (also known as the practitioner-scholar model/ Vail model). This degree was established in the 1970's to train prospective psychologists to have clinical careers that apply scientific knowledge and evidence-based research in practice. As a Psy.D., I am passionate about research and academia. I value staying up to date and active within the community.  


I am currently an adjunct assistant professor at Hunter College. I have also taught psychology courses as an adjunct professor at Queens College and Molloy College. I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation titled: Intergeneration Transmission of Meaning-Making for Children of Holocaust Survivors.


My work and the presentations I have given to the general public target improvement of day to day functioning through the application of scientific information. I have worked in research labs at the University of Miami and Long Island University-Post with focuses on meaning-making, intergenerational trauma, family mental health and romantic relationships.